Avanath is amplifying ESG

At Avanath, we believe that environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) policies can positively affect and expand opportunities for our residents, our employees, the environment, and the communities we serve. Launched in 2020, +Amplify is Avanath’s comprehensive ESG framework for Environmental and Social Responsibility and guides our operations. It is the foundation of our commitment to continue a wide range of social programs for our residents, reduce the environmental impact of our assets, and deliver value to our investors. As a leader in the affordable housing industry, we believe prioritizing social equality, responsible investing, and a healthy environment supports greater prosperity for all.

What ESG Means to Us

our mission

We are committed to providing a lifestyle within reach to our residents, and sustainability is the foundation on which we make that promise. Our mission is to amplify our ESG impact for the shared benefit of our residents, our employees, our investors, our communities, and the environment.

Establishing the Framework

+Amplify is working to build upon the success of Avanath’s proven social commitments and programs to establish a best-in-class ESG framework that serves as a model for the affordable housing industry. By focusing and setting key targets, we plan to reduce our environmental impact, demonstrate our progress through robust ESG metrics, document our best practices, and continue to deliver affordable “Lifestyles within Reach” for our residents. Click on the ESG area below to learn more about our goals, our implementation approaches, and how they benefit our residents, employees, communities, and the world.

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Building an ESG Program

Avanath is committed to becoming a model for the affordable housing industry. We are continually working to improve our efficiency, reduce our emissions, expand our data tracking, build on our social and employee training programs, and adopt best-in-class policies. Learn the overarching objectives of the +Amplify program:

Set robust ESG targets and expand ESG reporting to document performance

  • Reduce CO2 emissions 50% by 2030 and net zero by 2050
  • Reduce energy and water consumption 10% by 2025

Incorporate ESG considerations throughout the lifecycle of our assets

  • View every investment with an ESG lens, beginning with acquisition, through day-to-day operations, and eventually to sale of the property

Lessen our environmental impact

  • Develop and implement property-level improvements that reduce operating expenses and increase returns on every incremental dollar spent

Increase data coverage for water, GHG emissions, energy, and waste

  • Utilize tools such as Yardi, Tableau, and ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®
  • Conduct quarterly audits of energy, water, and waste

Earn Certification and awards in ESG

  • Obtain WELL certification for health and wellbeing
  • Acquire ENERGY STAR® certifications for our properties
  • Achieve the ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year award by 2023

Maintain memberships & deliver on Commitments

  • Signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)
  • Member of California Organized Investment Network (COIN)
  • Partnership with ENERGY STAR®

Amplifying our esg impact in these critical areas

our communities

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Where we seek to promote principles of social equality, diversity, and opportunity

our people

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Whose hard work provides the basis for our success and enables opportunity for our residents

our investors

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Who trust us to make knowledgeable investments in markets that are traditionally underserved by institutional capital

our environment

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Whose hard work provides the basis for our success and enables opportunity for our residents

On the Path to Sustainability


We are already on our way to achieving our ESG goals. Avanath has:

  • Performed a comprehensive ESG Gap Analysis
  • Developed and adopted a guiding set of ESG principals and policies, including the creation of our Amplify ESG Policy
  • Formed an ESG Advisory Committee to review, discuss, and recommend ESG initiatives to our ESG Council with the intention of generating company-wide participation in those initiatives
  • Established a property-level ESG training program
  • Earned a Well Health-Safety Rating across our portfolio
  • Analyzed operational performance to create best-practice operating standards and ensure greater efficiencies and economies of scale for reduced energy and waste
  • Created a program to procure green power for all properties located in deregulated states
  • Began tracking our environmental impact by transitioning our data management program to the Yardi Utility Management platform, partnered with and started benchmarking our data with ENERGY STAR®
  • Examined our waste management and recycling programs to reduce landfill contributions from our communities

Our ESG Strategic Partners

Learn more about our policies and programs on the ESG Overview, Environmental, Social, Governance, and ESG Policies pages.