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Academy at Drexel Before and After

Avanath acquired Academy at Drexel in Chicago and implemented renovations to freshen up the building, interior units, and amenities. These upgrades have created a vibrant and high quality community for our residents.

Avanath Artlifting Partnership

ArtLifting helps individuals suffering from disabilities, mental illness, and homelessness to sell their artwork for a livable wage. Avanath has partnered with ArtLifting to support its national focus on helping artists impacted by homelessness or disability.

Avanath Home Program

To many, the American Dream is home ownership. Avanath participates in the Home Program which aids residents in covering costs associated with home buying.

Who is Avanath?

We at Avanath describe our two guiding principals: one is that we strive to provide an attractive ROI to our investors, and two, we want to make a truly positive impact on our communities.

Listen to Daryl Carter | Balancing Returns and Impact in Avanath’s $1.5B Investments in Affordable & Workforce Housing from Leading Voices in Real Estate(podcast)

“Leading Voices in Real Estate” is a podcast hosted by Matt Slepin of Terra Search Partners. In this podcast series, we interview city builders who use innovative approaches to create healthier, more economically vibrant communities with character and a high quality of life. These leaders provide inspiration to those of us looking to build better cities.