Videos - 2020


At the beginning of the pandemic, Avanath gifted over 9,000 residents virtual gym memberships to Wellbeats in order to encourage keeping health and wellness a priority during these trying times.

Acclaim at Alexandria

Avanath acquired Acclaim at Alexandria in February of 2019 and has implemented a series of improvements, with additional renovations planned for the Virginia property.

Academy at Drexel Before and After

Avanath acquired Academy at Drexel in Chicago and implemented renovations to freshen up the building, interior units, and amenities. These upgrades have created a vibrant and high quality community for our residents.

Avanath Artlifting Partnership

ArtLifting helps individuals suffering from disabilities, mental illness, and homelessness to sell their artwork for a livable wage. Avanath has partnered with ArtLifting to support its national focus on helping artists impacted by homelessness or disability.

Avanath Home Program

To many, the American Dream is home ownership. Avanath participates in the Home Program which aids residents in covering costs associated with home buying.

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