Kelly McBride

Senior Vice President, Operations & Compliance
Kelly McBride is Senior Vice President of Compliance. In this capacity she is responsible for supervising and managing compliance for Avanath’s California portfolio. Ms. McBride’s scope of responsibility includes researching the State’s Compliance regulations, quarterly lease audits, weekly review of applications, and the complete review of all files at recertification. Ms. McBride is also required to administer training for all onsite managers as well as to remain current on all Low Income Housing Tax Credit requirements and support and maintain positive working relationships with appropriate regulatory agencies. Ms. McBride’s areas of focus include researching each State’s Compliance regulations, training affordable programs to manage staff members, develop company policy and procedures for qualifying applicants, create resident file forms and adhere to State and Federal requirements. Prior to joining Avanath, Ms. McBride was Compliance Manager for AIMCO responsible for supervising compliance for over 11,000 LIHTC and other affordable units in multiple states. With over fifteen years of experience in Compliance and Property Management in California and Texas, Ms. McBride is directly responsible for staying current with all federal and applicable state regulations for LIHTC, HUD and HOME affordable housing programs as they relate to files. Ms. McBride holds Tax Credit Professional (TCP), Certified Occupancy Specialist (COS) and Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP) certifications and has successfully completed California and Texas compliance training.